Thai Lopez


Education: Bachelor of Arts in English (May 2022)

McNair Project: The Call Me MISTER Project (2021)

Mentor: Doris Carroll, Ph.D.

The present study examined the Call Me MISTER ® Program and how this program helps young men from diverse backgrounds achieve higher education and get a degree in education. The research aimed to answer the following research questions, 1. What has the Call Me MISTER ® Program meant to you in terms of your academic success? Your personal growth? 2. How has this program helped you achieve your educational goals? 3. What does this program mean for your future goals in education? The researcher interviewed three members of the Call Me MISTER ® Program and transcribe the interview data noticed the following over lapping themes: pillars of success, pink collar work, and sense of belonging. Programs like the Call Me MISTER ® Program support people from underrepresented backgrounds, understanding their purpose and what this program can do for its members is important for all of higher education.