Simóne Dorsey, M.S.


Education: Bachelor of Science in family studies and human services (May 2013)

Master of Science in marriage and family therapy/counseling from North Dakota State University

McNair Project: Gender Differences in Motives for Using Violence in Bilateral Situationally Violent Relationships (2012)

Mentor: Sandra Stith, Ph.D.

This study used thematic analysis (Braun and Clark 2006) to analyze transcripts of semi-structured interviews with 10 couples previously identified as engaging in situational couple violence. The purpose of the study was to understand, from the perspective of male and female partners, gender differences in the motives for using violence in these relationships. Findings suggest that there are multiple motives for violence for many of the couples. No motive was specific to one gender over the other. Research and treatment implications are identified and discussed.