Shai Washington, M.S.


Education: Bachelor of Science in political science (May 2016)

Master of Science in public and international affairs (security and intelligence studies) at the University of Pittsburgh

McNair Project: Factors Influencing Global Public Opinion of U.S Drone Strikes (2014)

Mentor: Andrew Long, Ph.D.

Interest in global public opinion of the United States is on the rise. Organizations such as the Pew Research Center ask foreign populations a variety of questions related to the United States and perceptions of the country and people. Existing literature on what influences foreign public opinion is widespread, but there is little previous research that specifically looks at public support for drone strikes. Quantitative data on trade ties, economic aid, religion, intergovernmental organizations, regime type, and alliances were collected on China, Germany, and Pakistan. These variables were then compared between those countries to determine if there was a relationship between those variables and foreign public opinion for United States drone strikes.