Renee Britton, M.S.


Education: Bachelor of Science in animal sciences and industry (May 2002)

Master of Science from Pennsylvania State University

McNair Project: Quality Attributes of a Heat-and-Eat Lamb-Based Entrée during Refrigerated Storage and Subsequent Reheating and Hot-Holding (2001)

Mentor: Elizabeth Boyle, Ph.D.

Meat tenderness, pH, color, subjective aroma, and TBA were evaluated in a lamb curry entrée that been manufactured in a cook-in-bag, stored refrigerated up to 45 days, then subsequently re-heated and held on a steam table. The product was sampled after 1, 30, and 45 days of refrigerated storage at -2.2 to 0 degrees Celsius with three replications. Lee Kramer Shear, pH, color, and subjective aroma of the product were determined immediately following product reheating to 74 degrees Celsius internal temperature, and after 2 and 4 hours of hot holding at 60 degrees Celsius constant temperature on a steam table (Food Code 1999). Samples for 2-Thiobaruturic Acid Analysis (TBA) determinations were only taken after 2 and 4 hours of hot holding on days 1 and 30. There were minimal quality changes in the product as a result of refrigerated storage and hot holding after reheating.