Matthew Reynolds


Education: Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering (May 2016)

McNair Project: Kinetic Model of CVD Growth of Carbon-Nanotubes on Different Catalysts (2015)

Mentor: Placidus Amama, Ph.D.

Carbon nanotubes are a quickly emerging new material with promising characteristics. These nanostructures have applications in biomedical areas via field emissions, sensing, and detecting technologies as well as applications in optics and computational engines due to their semi conducting capabilities. These properties are useful only when we are able to produce this material on a large scale, which requires an understanding of their growth mechanism. With this understanding, it will be possible to study the chirality of CNTs and how it is related to the growth conditions. The type of CNT produced is effected largely by the chirality and this will control which applications can be used. This research turns towards this understanding and how we can predict the chirality of the produced CNTs.