Lilly Maina


Education: Majoring in French and social work

McNair Project: Probation and parole challenges: an analysis of community corrections mental health and substance abuse service providers (2021)

Mentor: Kevin Steinmetz, Ph.D.

In recent decades, corrections institutions have increasingly turned to community corrections—parole and probation—as alternatives to alleviate high incarceration rates. Yet only about 50 percent of individuals successfully complete their community corrections terms, a significant problem given that almost five million people are under community supervision at any time. There exist many challenges which may hinder the ability of individuals to successfully complete their community corrections sentences. To build from prior research which examines such challenges, this study analyzes interviews with mental health and substance abuse service providers who serve community corrections populations. Working in therapeutic contexts, these service providers have significant insights into the challenges facing such populations. While the study is still ongoing and results are preliminary, there are certain themes appearing in the interviews. So far, addiction management and social support reappear as the greatest factors that challenge individuals under community supervision. The data expresses the importance of having positive personal and professional relationships while also addressing the necessity for stability, motivation, and treatment.