Lakeisha Jackson


Education: Bachelor of Science in elementary education (May 2001)

McNair Project: A Round Child in a Square World: The Effects on Socialization, Self-Esteem, and Academics (2000)

Mentor: Be Stoney, Ph.D.

People's perceptions and stereotypes about the only child and the only child's perceptions about them are both positively and negatively portrayed in research and theory. Recent research reflects an on-going interest in unraveling controversial and inconsistent findings dealing with the personalities of the only child. Yet, researchers began focusing on the advantages and benefits of raising an only child. This investigation focuses on perceptions and stereotypes and the correlation between body image, self-esteem and lack of socialization with peers in which only children have of themselves. The participants in this study reside in a small Midwestern town, rank in ages fifteen to forty-eight, represent a diverse population, and are students enrolled in summer school in higher education or are participants in the Upper Bound summer programs for junior high and high school students. This investigation is beneficial in understanding the social and emotional effects of being an only child. The information gathered can assist teachers, students and parents to understand the developmental stages of only children.