LaFayette Childs II, M.Arch.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary humanities and social studies (May 2004)

Master of Architecture from the University of Houston

McNair Project: Is Architecture an Art Form?: Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Architecture (2001)

Mentor: James Hamilton, Ph.D.

There is an accepted view that states: all artworks are either types (tokens of types) or individuals (i.e., unique). Wollheim claims that if any artwork kind X is an ontological kind Y (or Z), then all artworks of kind X are of ontological kind Y (or Z). Some believe that if architecture is an art form, it has works that are types and works that are individuals. My research looks at the consequences as they relate to the case of architecture, if Wollheim is correct. I argue that architecture is an art form and its works are individuals.