Kenyanna Jones


Education: Bachelor of Science in animal sciences and industry (December 2018)

McNair Project: The Effect of Enzyme Function on Sorghum Based Diets for Broiler Chicks (2017)

Mentor: Scott Beyer, Ph.D.

This experiment was carried out in order to evaluate the effect of enzyme function on sorghum based diets for broiler chicks with the inclusion of two different enzymes; protease and phytase, given at two different levels. In this trial, 288 broiler chicks were distributed in batteries and assigned different diet treatments according to a completely randomized experimental design. The chicks were allocated to six treatments, eight replicates of six birds each to a pen. The treatments were fed to the chicks for 17 days, and afterwards the chicks and feed were weighed in order to see how much feed was consumed and how much the chicks grew. Afterwards, a bone sample was taken from each pen to determine how much calcium and phosphorous accumulated, and an ash was sample taken to test if one set of birds had stronger bones than the other based on which dietary treatments were consumed.