Hannah O'Neil, M.S.W.


Education: Bachelor of Science in social work (May 2017)

Master of Social Work from the University of Utah

McNair Project: Elementary Student Outcomes from an Intergenerational Kindergarten Experience (2016)

Mentor: Gayle Doll, Ph.D.

This retrospective study discovered how intergenerational programs affect the children that participate later on in their life. This program is located in Coffeeyville, Kansas, and is comprised of a kindergarten classroom inside of a nursing home. An open-ended survey questionnaire was sent to parents of children that completed the program seven and eight years ago in order to see if the effects of the program followed the children into the later years of their elementary career. The study found that the parents viewed the program as an overall success for their child, their family, and the community. Children that were involved in this program proved to be less prejudiced toward older adults and more comfortable with them. Staff from the school district were also questioned and they stated an overall success in the program.