Graham Weaver, M.A.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in history (December 2013)

Master of Arts in history from Kansas State University

Master of Arts in Teaching from Pittsburg State University

McNair Project: Resistance Beneath the Surface: the Prohibtion Movement in Manhattan, Kansas, 1880-1900 (2013)

Mentor: Robert Linder, Ph.D.

Prohibition became unpopular social reform. While many people, in the name of reform, attempted to better society with the elimination of liquor, many others wanted the free flow of booze. Ultimately, those who were against the Prohibition Movement, prevailed. As a result the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution is the only amendment to be repealed. Manhattan, Kansas, is a good case study, demonstrating the ultimate fate of national prohibition. One could say that in this case the Big Apple could have learned something from the Little Apple. This study examines the role of the churches of Manhattan of promoting prohibition and The Manhattan Mercury and George Harrop for fighting against prohibition.