Claudia Tedoni, M.S.


Education: Bachelor of Science in psychology and family studies and human services (December 2016)

Master of Science in family studies and human services (couple and family therapy) at Kansas State University

McNair Project: The Mediating Factors in the Pathways between Differentiation and Sexual Desire (2016)

Mentor: Jared Anderson, Ph.D.

This study examined the mediating role of sexual communication apprehension, general anxiety, and body image in the pathway between differentiation and sexual desire. Data was collected, via a survey on Mechanical Turk (MTurk), from 463 participants who were in committed relationships. The participants in this study were an average age of M=35.8 years and had an average relationship length of M=8.5 years. Three significant indirect pathways to sexual desire were found using a multivariate path model. These pathways were: differentiation → sexual communication apprehension→ sexual desire, differentiation → body image self-consciousness→ sexual desire, and differentiation → body image self-consciousness→ sexual communication apprehension → sexual desire. A significant pathway mediated by general anxiety symptoms was not found in the model created for this study. The findings offer potential target points for professionals working with clients dealing with problems concerning low(er) sexual desire.