Christopher Juarez, M.S.


Education: Bachelor of Science in mathematics and statistics (May 2010)

Master of Science in statistics from Kansas State University

McNair Project: An Application of Statistical Consulting with a Randomized Complete-Block Design with a Split-Split-Plot (2009)

Mentor: Leigh Murray, Ph.D.

Statistical consulting is a tool used by researchers to better answer research questions. Statistical consultants can be sought after during anytime in the research phase. By allowing someone who understands experimental design and numbers to work with someone who can identify the question and conduct the experiment, the research process and results are strengthened. There are 5 roles of statistical consulting: helper, leader, data-blesser, collaborator, and teacher.

The randomized complete-block design with a split-split-plot is a design that lacks formal definition in many statistical textbooks. The design has its own model and ANOVA table.

An application of the RCBD w/SSP is given to better illustrate how the design can be used as well as how statistical consulting is utilized. The example includes SAS programming, output, and ANOVA tables with explanation.