Adelina Parral Tummons


Education: Bachelor of Science in Life Science (May 2019)

McNair Project: CRISPR in Agriculture: Constructing a Theory to Challenge the Anti-GMO Rhetoric (2018)

Mentor: Craig Brown, M.A.

A new form of food technology, CRISPR, is entering the agriculture industry and may hold enormous benefits for making food more nutritious and longer lasting. Furthermore, because CRISPR is not held under the same legal requirements as GMOs, it poses questions about the degree to which the public should be aware of its presence. This paper explores the implications of CRISPR by analyzing the anti-GMO rhetoric and applying it to this new food technology. Moreover, it explores the history of GMOs, including the creation of an anti-GMO rhetoric, understanding the role of public perception, media and viral images in influencing this rhetoric, and finally forms a theory that addresses the research question. Using corporate social responsibility as a framework, this paper proposes a theory that addresses the shortcoming of the GMO industry through transparency, engagement, and value-orientation. Future research can focus on evaluating the degree to which these components have been effective in other industries to create positive perception in the public.