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Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

Exciting changes are coming your way! In fall 2020, we will be offering a certificate in nonprofit leadership for all current and future students. As this might affect you differently based on your graduation date, find your status below to get you the most accurate information.

What's the real difference?

Changing the nonprofit leadership program from a focus to a certificate makes it much more accessible to students and continued learners, as it now becomes a stand alone academic program.


Current students graduating in May 2020

Nothing changes for you! You will graduate with a minor in leadership studies and a nonprofit leadership focus.

As a reminder, make sure you apply for graduation with the minor. Contact Chance Lee, who directs the nonprofit program, at chance@ksu.edu if you have any questions.

Current students graduating after May 2020

You will graduate as planned with a minor in leadership studies. You will also graduate with a nonprofit leadership certificate. There are no changes needed in your planned coursework.

But, you MUST complete new paperwork to reflect the change. Attend one of the two upcoming rollout Zoom sessions March 25 or March 31. You can learn more, ask questions and enjoy meeting other nonprofit leadership students. Chance Lee, who directs the nonprofit program, will lead the session.

If you can't join one of the Zoom sessions and/or have questions, or if you have concerns about how this may affect your academic plans, email chance@ksu.edu to schedule a meeting.

Students considering the nonprofit leadership certificate

Set up an advising appointment with Chance Lee to learn about the certificate and the leadership studies minor. Email chance@ksu.edu

Alumni who earned a leadership minor and nonprofit focus

Thanks for taking a minute to learn about the exciting changes. Current students will still be learning all of the valuable nonprofit leadership content you enjoyed, but in a new form. And the nonprofit certificate will be available online!

If you'd like to connect with us, please reacah out to Chance Lee at chance@ksu.edu to stay engaged and find out what's new at the Staley School of Leadership Studies. And update your information to make sure we can invite you to super-fun alumni events!


Certificate requirements

The Nonprofit Leadership Certificate will develop an individual’s leadership capacity to better work, serve and lead in nonprofit organizations. Drawing from leadership development theory and best practices, graduates will gain tangible skills in understanding the nonprofit sector and the unique considerations of leading within it.

Core classes

  • LEAD 350: Culture and Context of Leadership Global Issues Human Diversity
  • LEAD 420: Theories of Nonprofit Leadership
  • LEAD 499: Nonprofit Organization Internship Seminar* Human-Diversity Ethical-Reasoning

*An internship experience is required during the semester before you take LEAD 499. Details below.

Choose one elective

  • LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership Concepts
  • LEAD 225: Fundamentals of Global Food Systems Leadership
  • LEAD 405: Leadership in Practice
  • ENTRP 340: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ENTRP 520: Social Entrepreneurship
  • HDFS 301: Helping Relationships
  • MANGT 420: Principles of Management
  • MANGT 450: Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • POLSC 507: Introduction to Public Administration

Internship experience

The goal of this experience is to get an overview of the organization and develop a deep understanding of how a single organization functions. The program will support students in locating and obtaining nonprofit internships through advising and notifying students of internship opportunities.

Understanding that every situation is different, internship experiences will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Generally, each internship should be at least 150 hours, spread out over any amount of time and be with a 501(c)(3)** or other approved organization.

To get started in finding an internship experience, check out this list of previous organizations for examples where our students have interned. To help you narrow your ideas, this worksheet can help you think through some important considerations.

**A 501(c)(3) is a tax-exempt nonprofit and the most common type of nonprofit in the U.S.

Leadership minor

If you've made it this far, it's good to know that you're just a few more credit hours away from fulfilling the minor in leadership studies, too! Go for the gold and add on a leadership minor. Details are here.