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Japanese Courses

In JAPAN 300 and JAPAN 301 courses, students will experience Japanese Culture on Culture Day, held three times or more in a semester, through hands-on experiences of Japanese culture, including, but not limited to, cooking, calligraphy, festivals, crafts, and direct interaction with people who have successful career and interesting story in Japan. 

Japanese Fall 2022 Courses


JAPAN101 (13829): Japanese I MoTuWeTh 11:30-12:20, EH 124 with Dr. Miki Loschky Introduction to the fundamental linguistic and cultural characteristics of the Japanese language and its writing systems (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). This course provides the basic characteristics of Japanese in both written and spoken forms. Through highly interactive class activities, students will develop their beginning level letter-sound correspondences and conversational skills, while also acquiring the basic language structures and formulaic expressions.  JAPAN300 (11257): Japanese III MoTuWeTh 1:30-2:20, EH 124 with Dr. Miki Loschky. This course emphasizes building and applying basic linguistic knowledge and skills in the contexts of varied communicative tasks. Students will also represent their comprehension of more complex language structures using multi-modal tools in both oral and written language forms. There is a cultural component embedded in this course.

JAPAN591 (13829): Japanese V MoTuWeTh 3:30-4:20, K 216 with Dr. Miki Loschky. This course is targeted to developing students' Japanese language proficiency into the high-intermediate level. Students will further develop their linguistic, communicative, and cultural competence. They will also explore varied discourse patterns (e.g., cause and effect, comparison-contrast) in both receptive and productive language skills.