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Chinese Courses


Spring 2023 Courses

 CHINE 102  Chinese 2  Continued development of functional skills for everyday communication and promotion of intercultural awareness. In the course you will:  Learn to converse on more varied, conversational topics in Chinese; Engage in basic reading and character writing practice; Get familiar with the traditional Chinese festivals and their customs.  CHINE 301  Chinese IV Further development of the communication skills, enhancement of vocabulary and intensive practice in reading and writing, and continued promotion of students’ intercultural awareness. In the course you will: Learn to handle communicative scenarios with complications; Prepare collaborative, oral presentations on lesson topics; Practice extensive reading and engage in more descriptive and expository writing; Enjoy classic Chinese movies (with English subtitles).


CHINE 502  Chinese 6 Further improving students’ language skills with a manageable degree of challenge and deepening their understanding and discussion on cultural and social aspects about China. In the course you will:  • Discuss social issues in or related to China; • Read newspaper articles with guidance; • Complete collaborative, oral projects to express opinions and propose suggestions on social issues in China; • Engage in more argumentative writing in Chinese.

CHINE102 meets MoTuWeTh 1:30-2:20 P.M.

CHINE301 meets MoTuWeTh 11:30-12:20 P.M.

CHINE502 meets MoTuWeTh 12:30-1:20 P.M.