Wildcats Make a Pact

The Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being offers prevention programming designed to develop awareness and action across the campus community.

Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age
This workshop places specific focus on the role of technology and digital media in navigating relationships in everyday life. Participants will learn of the importance of setting boundaries in digital spaces (e.g. social media, phones, gaming, etc.) to challenge the notion that everyone must be accessible and available 24/7.

Healthy Relationships and Consent 101
This workshop places emphasis on healthy behaviors, boundary-setting, and consent within all forms of relationship (e.g. romantic, friendship, roommates, co-workers, etc.).

Bringing in the Bystander
Bringing in the Bystander (BITB) is a prevention program based on the concept that all community members have a role to play in ending incivility, harassment, violence and discrimination. The important role that a bystander has in intervention is the basis for this unique and effective program. The program helps particpants gain the knowledge and skills needed to identify and safely intervene before, during and after instances of risky behaviors.

21st Birthday Project
By email invitation only. The 21st Birthday Project at Lafene Health Center aims to reduce harmful drinking patterns surrounding K-State students’ 21st birthday celebrations.

The Bandana Project
The Bandana Project is a nationwide awareness campaign to destigmatize the discussion around mental health. Learn more and request training here.