HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine Information

HPV (Gardasil®) vaccine is recommended for males and females ages 9-26 to protect against the types of HPV that most commonly cause health problems including most genital cervical cancers and most genital warts. Patients requesting Gardasil® who are 27 years of age or older will be scheduled to see a healthcare provider before the vaccine can be administered.

The best way a person can be sure to get the most benefit from HPV vaccination is to complete all three doses before beginning sexual activity.

Vaccination consists of a total of three doses:

  • Dose 1
  • Dose 2 given 1-2 months after Dose 1
  • Dose 3 given 6 months after Dose 1

If you have experienced a delay in getting your second or third dose of the vaccine, please call Lafene (785-532-6544) and ask for the Immunization Clinic for further guidance to complete the series. You do not need to start the series over again.

For further information and recommendations, visit the CDC website.