Early Screening, Interventions & Referral

While education can increase knowledge and raise awareness, evidence verifies that educational programs alone are not likely to lead to behavior change. Behavior change is a much more difficult challenge with evidence now supporting early screening and personalized interventions are most effective in behavior change. Since the AODE is located at the student health center, opportunities exist to better coordinate care using the paradigm of case management for students. Substance use/misuse is strongly intertwined with other medical conditions, making an integrated approach to care essential.

Early screening is not focused on looking for addiction but identifying students who are “at risk” in their use of alcohol and other drugs. Once screened, the focus becomes determination of the appropriate level of intervention. College student who could benefit from AODE services often do not receive them due to low self-recognition of their problems. In order to provide the best care possible, we ask EVERYONE about alcohol.