Do I Have a Problem with Drinking?

If alcohol is becoming a problem in your life, you may begin experience some of the unintended negative effects in your life:

  • Hangovers.
  • Being late for class or missing class as a result of being hungover.
  • Getting sick or vomiting from too much drinking or drug use.
  • Being hurt or injured as a result of being too intoxicated or high.
  • Being hospitalized for alcohol and/or other drug use.
  • Blacking out or browning out.
  • Getting into verbal arguments or fights that you would not have participated in if you were sober.
  • Getting into physical fights due to alcohol or other drug use.
  • Damaging property while under the influence.
  • Having unprotected sex while under the influence.
  • Experiencing unwanted or unanticipated sexual encounters (touching, intercourse, etc.).
  • Taking advantage of someone else sexually.
  • Finding yourself in threatening or unsafe situations as a result of poor judgement while under the influence.