Pre-Healthcare Profession Shadowing Application

Lafene Health Center
Kansas State University

1105 Sunset Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502



  1. Must have a letter or email from your advisor or Dean verifying you are a student in good standing and are interested in a career in the healthcare field.
  2. Documentation of 2 MMR vaccines (most students already have these but we must have documentation.) During influenza season, an influenza vaccination is highly recommended. Your required immunization records must be from an official source (e.g. hospital, clinic, physician's office, public health department, military or K-12 school system). Records must be received prior to your clinical experience. Any charges incurred in updating your immunizations will be borne by you.
  3. Orientation including training for privacy and confidentiality (HIPAA and FERPA)
  4. Within seven days of the experience, you are required to turn in a reflection paper to the provider you shadowed.

Once you are approved and a date is assigned for your experience, the Administrative Coordinator will contact you. On the scheduled day, you must report to Lafene Health Center, room 259 and the Administrative Coordinator will escort you to the appropriate location. You should dress business casual and wear a Lafene name tag identifying you as a student.

For questions, please contact the Administrative Coordinator at 785-532-7755.