Welcome to Lafene Health Center Pharmacy! We are committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care for all students, faculty and staff of Kansas State University. We fill prescriptions from not only in-house providers, but those outside of Lafene as well. Have a prescription at another pharmacy you'd like to have filled here? We can do transfers as well!

Those with a valid Wildcat ID are eligible to utilize all pharmacy services including but not limited to:

  • Prescription refills and transfers
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Storage and administration of patient-owned speciality medications
  • Contraceptives including Plan B
  • Medication counseling
  • Drive-thru accessibility

Contact information:

Pharmacy Phone: 785-532-7758

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Pharmacy Director: Dr. Alison Shelangouski, PharmD, RPh

Alison Shelangouski, PharmD

Pharmacist: Dr. Chad Beiser, PharmD
Pharmacist: Jeff Dumler, RPh
Pharmacy Technician: Jenny Lees
Pharmacy Technician: Lane Lundeen, CPhT
Pharmacy Technician: Pat Dembkowski, CPhT