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April 2, 2024

Join the Asian/American Pacific Islander Coalition for networking and support

Submitted by Olivia B. Law-DelRosso

Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition

Are you looking for a community that celebrates your heritage while providing valuable networking opportunities and support? The Asian/American Pacific Islander Professionals, or AAPI, Coalition welcomes individuals like you to join our community. Collectively we forge a stronger voice and presence in the university and Manhattan community spaces for AAPI populations.

The AAPI Coalition is dedicated to fostering connections among K-State professionals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and allies. We plan to offer:

• Networking Opportunities: Engage with Asian Pacific Islander professionals, expand your network and establish meaningful connections that can support you in your career.
• Professional Development: Access workshops designed to boost your skills and expertise.
• Cultural Celebrations: Embrace and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures within the Asian Pacific Islander community through events, discussions and activities.
• Support and Advocacy: Find a supportive space to discuss challenges, share experiences and advocate for issues relevant to the Asian Pacific Islander community.
• Community Engagement: Participate in community service initiatives and contribute to meaningful causes that positively impact the Asian Pacific Islander community.

Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive space where you can grow both professionally and personally while celebrating your heritage. Together, let's build a strong network and empower each other toward success.

To become a part of the Asian/American Pacific Islander Professionals Coalition join our listserv. Email cbadeib@k-state.edu to join. Contacts are Grace Liang, gliang15@k-state.edu, and Olivia Law-DelRosso, olivia@k-state.edu.