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November 6, 2023

Final Interbelief Show-and-Tell presentation Nov. 14

Submitted by David Yetter

The final Interbelief Show-and-Tell presentation, sponsored by the President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Non-Religious Diversity, will take place from noon to 1 p.m. next Tuesday, November 14, in Hale 181 and via Zoom at 450 206 9533.

Julia Burkett (Lombardo) will speak on "Celtic Paganism: One Belief, Many Practices."

When people think about old Celtic cultures, many may think of the fables of King Arthur, renaissance fairs and faeries. In this talk, Burkett will discuss some basics of Celtic Polytheism, investigating a few variations of practice, and then diving deeper into personal beliefs. Burkett's belief centers around several core deities, thankfulness toward the land, gratitude and ancestral veneration. Burkett thinks it is important that this style of paganism is accessible and that she carries on the tradition of oral teaching as Celtic polytheism has persevered throughout time.

The President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Non-Religious Diversity has already secured one speaker for spring 2024, and would welcome volunteers to speak on their own religious, spiritual or non-religious tradition or worldview. Speakers representing viewpoints and traditions which are in the minority at K-State and in American society as a whole are particularly welcomed.

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