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February 22, 2022

2021 Student Organization Awards recipients announced

Submitted by Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involved recognizes and celebrates the recipients of the 2021 Student Organization Awards.

Student organizations help shape the culture and experience of our shared community at K-State. We know this has been a challenging year for many organizations as we continue to navigate a global pandemic and strive to maintain our community's health and safety as a top priority. Thank you to everyone who took the time to recognize and nominate your peers for the outstanding work they have done.

On Feb. 17, the Center for Student Involvement announced the following 2021 Student Organization Awards recipients during a live ceremony in the K-State Student Union Courtyard.

The 2021 Student Organization Awards recipients are:

Advisor of the Year: Janine Duncan, advisor to Family and Consumer Sciences Education Organization, nominated by Mia Schindler and Morgan Paddock. Duncan has strived to put developing members’ knowledge and education at the core of her involvement within her student organization. She has also challenged members and officers to think about perspectives and experiences that differ from their own while also consistently reminding them that she isn’t just here during their college experience, but that she will be their biggest advocate once they graduate as well.

Commitment to Inclusion and Belonging: Student Foundation, nominated by Delaney Kemp. Student Foundation has a strong commitment to serving students across campus, even if they aren’t members of the organization itself. The organization also provides a unique opportunity for members to discover new facets of philanthropy, discover new career pathways, and build meaningful relationships.

Student Leader of the Year: Sierra Staatz, member of Engineers Without Borders, nominated by Engineers Without Borders, Carley Phelps, Cassidy Hartig, Cohen Lyle, Danielle Larson and Zachary Kelvington. Staatz has demonstrated enthusiasm and inspiration at each event, meeting, and volunteering activity and knows every member by name. She has empowered other people to step into leadership and created an atmosphere that allowed for productive teamwork. Sierra devoted herself to the K-State chapter, ending her presidency with a record three international projects underway, more members within the organization than ever before, and having helped the chapter to raise over $20,000 in donations in 2021.

Student Organization Event of the Year: "Mental Health Awareness Hotdog Stand," hosted by American Nuclear Society K-State Student Section, nominated by Broderick Sieh. The idea behind the hotdog stand was to host an event that promoted the mental well-being of students and mental health awareness in the K-State community. However, the event went above and beyond that thanks to the comradery shared among the organization. The group’s happiness and positive attitudes were contagious to all those who stopped by throughout the day. Members were able to engage in valuable conversations with the students involved.

Student Organization of the Year: Popenoe Entomology Club, nominated by Cameron Osborne. This past year, the organization engaged in numerous campus and community outreach education events. They have stepped out of the shadow of the pandemic to bring interactive outreach events back to campus and the larger community. They have also launched several initiatives to give back to their student members and campus, including raising funds to restore historical works housed in the library, modernizing their finances by launching a digital storefront, connecting students and faculty with research opportunities, and engaging with the community through social media. 

Congratulations to all of this year's nominees, and especially to the award recipients. The Center for Student Involvement thanks you for your hard work in making your organizations, and therefore K-State, a welcoming, active, and inclusive community through your leadership and support.