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September 28, 2020

WellCAT Coach program at Lafene Health Center launches today

Submitted by Megan Katt


WellCAT Coach is a one-on-one peer well-being education program at Lafene Health Center. Coaches are K-State students, WellCAT Ambassadors, and Certified Peer Educators trained on health and social issues pertinent to the college-aged population. Students may consider making an appointment with a WellCAT Coach if you have questions or concerns about the following:


  • Implementing a general nutritious diet.
  • Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into diet.
  • Increasing water intake.
  • Eating healthy on campus.
  • Reading nutrition labels.
  • International students learning American foods.
  • Mindful/intuitive eating.
  • Resources — food, housing, transportation — insecurity.
  • Nutrition to improve recovery — after illness, surgery, etc.
  • Eating healthy on a budget.
  • Eating healthy with no time.


  • Time management.
  • Managing stress.
  • Balancing life/school/work/social life.


  • Risky alcohol/drug use.
  • Alcohol awareness.
  • Drinking for the first time.

Physical activity

  • Exploring exercise/activity options in the Manhattan community.
  • Benefits of physical activity.
  • Physical activity recommendations.
  • Incorporating physical activity into lifestyle.


  • Sleep recommendations.
  • Healthy sleep habits.
  • Sleep to improve recovery — after illness, surgery, etc.


  • Healthy romantic/intimate relationships.
  • Healthy roommate/friend/family member relationships.
  • Social isolation: Getting to know people/involved on campus.

Body image

  • Body image concerns.
  • Eating disorder prevention.
  • Mindful/intuitive eating.
  • How to talk to friends with eating disorders.
  • Influence of the media in the development of body image issues and eating disorders.

Sexual health

  • Planning to become sexually active in the near future.
  • Engaging in "risky" sexual activity.
  • Preparing for first well-(wo)man exam.
  • STI testing information.
  • Contraception information.
  • Relationships.

Smoking/tobacco/vaping (Coaches are FreshStart certified and can work through cessation program through the American Cancer Society)

  • Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.
  • Decreasing use or quitting smoking or vaping.
  • Exploration of the risks of smoking/vaping.

Students may make an appointment with a coach via the MyLafene+ patient portal or by calling 785-532-6544. Appointments are available from noon to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. For questions or more information, call Megan at 785-532-5226.

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