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September 25, 2020

English Language Program presents at Indonesia Workshop Series

Submitted by Office of International Programs

The faculty of the English Language Program presented a two-and-a-half-hour workshop online Sept. 19 for the Forum Institusi Layanan Bahasa SE-Indonesia.

The forum was hosted by Univeritas Tamjungpura, or UNTAN, Indonesia under the guidance of Stella Prancisca, head of the Learning Center at UNTAN. The forum is a workshop series offered on five consecutive weekends with presentations from Leeds-Beckett University, U.K.; Queens University Belfast, U.K.; Texas State University; and the ELP. The forum targeted various aspects of creating successful online courses to support the transition from F2F to online instruction in Indonesia due to COVID. About 50 faculty, mostly from universities, from across Indonesia participated in the Saturday workshop.

Kansas State University and UNTAN have shared a collaborative partnership over the last five years. The ELP hosted a large group of UNTAN faculty in 2018 and offered a professional development program for faculty. The ELP's participation in this forum is part of the two universities’ ongoing relationship.

ELP faculty provided a series of short presentations and activities about different aspects of online classroom management. Topics included:

  • Ketty Reppert and Aziah McNamara, Iterative Planning.
  • Agnes Chikan, Creating Teacher Presence and a Learning Community in an Online Classroom.
  • Virginia Brunner-Livingston, Using Google Docs to Facilitate Classroom Management.
  • Becky Everley, You Always Need a Plan B (or C or D …).
  • Cary Chappell, Using Zoom Breakout Rooms for Reading Activities.
  • Smoky Kelly, Teacher Support through Collaboration.
  • Leena Chakrabarti, Supporting Students in an Online World.
  • April Darnell, Orientating Students Near and Far to Campus Life.
  • Virginia Brunner-Livingston, Online Tutoring.

McNamara and Chappell cohosted the workshop from the K-State campus while Aniur Rizqi and Anna Ferginia were the hosts from the UNTAN campus, Pontianak.

While participants in Indonesia were up early for the workshop — 8 a.m. Indonesian time — K-State ELP faculty presented from 8-10:30 p.m. on Saturday. However, the interactions and discussions were energetic and creative. Time did not seem to affect the enthusiasm.

The ELP is honored to have been invited to present at the forum and is looking forward to future collaborative opportunities with UNTAN and other institutions in Indonesia.

PDFs of the presentations are on the ELP website.