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March 26, 2020

Jeannie Brown Leonard shares remote learning success tips

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

Now that remote learning is underway for K-State classes, Vice Provost for Student Success Jeannie Brown Leonard shares some tips to support student success, guided by Wildcat's favorite color: purple.

"P" is to plan. Brown Leonard said that as you receive updates from your faculty about your courses, use the resources on the Keep Learning website to create a schedule of the academic work you need to complete so that it all can be found in one place. Plan also to connect with your academic advisor about enrollment for summer and fall classes.

"U" is for understanding what instructors expect of students. Ask questions of your instructors if you are unsure, Brown Leonard said. And if you are facing any barriers to success, such as limited internet access or difficulty accessing technology, Brown Leonard says to be sure to your instructors know.

"R" is for using your K-State resources. "K-State is here to help you and most of the support services the university offers are now available to you through email, web conferencing or telephone," Brown Leonard said. Use the Keep Learning website to make connections to these services. 

"P" is for play. Be sure to take breaks, recharge and connect, Brown Leonard said. She recommends connecting with your friends and family members via FaceTime or other social media platforms. "Remember to take care of both your physical and mental health," she said. "Exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep."

"L" is for learning. While remote learning may be strange to you, Brown Leonard said to use and update learning strategies that have worked for you in the past, adapting them to distance or online context. This can include scheduling your most challenging academic tasks to times when you at your peak. She also recommends designating a workspace that is free from clutter and allows you to work without distractions. 

"E" is for engaging. Brown Leonard recommends engaging with your fellow students, friends and faculty through social media and to share your success stories and your challenges. Remember to use the #k-statestrong hashtag.

"If the changes you are making seem daunting to you, please reach out to your instructors, the Academic Achievement Center or your academic advisor for more guidance," Brown Leonard said.