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April 19, 2019

Geography faculty and students present at national geography conference

Submitted by Chuck Martin

Faculty members and graduate students from the geography department participated in the annual American Association of Geographers meeting, April 3-7 in Washington, D.C. The meetings are the largest annual gathering of professional geographers in North America.

The following faculty members and students made presentations at the meetings:

Meng Ding, graduate student; Jida Wang, assistant professor; and colleagues C. Song, Y. Sheng, T.Urano, C. Bailey, B. Walter and P. Satori presented "Global Assessment of Surface Water Abundance in Lake and Reservoirs."

Gabriel Granco, postdoctoral researcher; Marcellus Caldas, associate professor; and colleagues J.H. Stamm, J. Bergtold, M. Sanderson and M. Daniels presented "Advancing Freshwater Sustainability in an Agricultural Landscape: The Coupling of Climate, Culture, Crop Production, and Environmental Responses."

Colleen Gura, graduate student, and colleagues S. Datta and P. Kempton presented "Geochemistry in the Critical Zone: Limestone-Shale and Kimberlite Weathering in the Flint Hills, Kansas, USA."

Lisa Harrington, professor, presented "Thematic Categories for U.S. Place Names."

Christy Jean, graduate student, presented "Preliminary Findings of Potential Increased Flood Risk near Aging Dams in Kansas."

Audrey Joslin, assistant professor, presented "Added Value? The Benefits Beyond Ecosystem Services for Water Fund Constituents in Ecuador."

Komal Kaur, graduate student, and Marcellus Caldas, associate professor, presented "Outmigration Inducing Land Use, Land Cover Changes in Himalayan Uttarakhand, India."

Max Lu, professor, presented "Does China's City Size Distribution Follow Zipf's Law?"

Dong Luo, graduate student; Marcellus Caldas, associate professor; and colleague P. de Marco, Jr. presented "Estimate How Pollination Service Affect Soybean Yield in the Brazilian Cerrado using Remote Sensing and Multidisciplinary Approaches."

Kendra McLauchlan, professor, and colleagues J. Commerford, G. Gittens and B. Bird presented "Evaluating Long-Term Temperate Forest Diversity Following Human Disturbances."

Md Abu Sayeed Maroof, graduate student, and Jida Wang, assistant professor, presented "A Study of Territorial Water Storage Dynamics in Global Endorheic Basins and its Links to Prominent Climate Variabilities."

Katherine Nelson, assistant professor, and colleagues E. Burchfield and K. Spangler presented "The Impact of Landscape Diversity on Agricultural Productivity: Differences across Crops, Diversity Metrics, and Landscape Extent."

Bimal Paul, professor, and colleagues M. Rahman, T. Crawford, S. Curtis, M.G. Miah and M.R. Islam presented "When Riverbank Erosion Strikes the Land: A Real-Time Experience from Coastal Bangladesh."

Paul and colleagues M. Rahman, T. Crawford, S. Curtis, G. Miah and R. Islam presented "Riverbank Erosion in Coastal Bangladesh: Explaining Respondents Mobility using Community Capital Framework (CCF) Model and Place Attachment Concept."

Avantika Ramekar, graduate student, presented "Using a Mixed Method Approach to Evaluate Risk Perception in Rural Communities in Kansas and Oklahoma."

The following faculty members and graduate students in the geography department served as panelists, chairs, or organizers for panels or sessions at the conference:

Granco, postdoctoral researcher, organizer and chair for "Integrative Modeling for Coupled Human and Natural Systems: Linking Models of Human Decision-Making, Land Use, and Environmental Response."

Nelson, assistant professor, chair for "Natural Resource Use and Management."

Ramekar, graduate student, organizer and chair for "Global Rural Transitions and Sustainability."

Jeffrey S. Smith, associate professor, panelist for "Author Meets Critics: Richard L. Nostrand's 'The Making of America's Culture Regions.'"