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February 20, 2019

Science on Tap presents 'Branched Chain Amino Acid – Protein Supplements for both Humans and Fungi'

Submitted by Michi Tobler

Science on Tap is held in a relaxed setting and features a brief, informal presentation by a K-State scientist followed by lively conversation. The goal is to build the community's enthusiasm for science in a fun and unique way.

Science on Tap features a short introduction to the scientists' research and time to engage with fellow attendees around the research presented. The event wraps up with a conversational Q&A period. The free, interactive program begins 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, at Tallgrass Tap House, 320 Poyntz Ave. Be sure to let the Tap House staff know you are there for Science on Tap.

February's Science on Tap will feature Joel Steyer, a graduate student in the genetics fellowship program at K-State. Steyer studies how timing and production of different building blocks regulate life's processes. Specifically, he is focusing on how genes regulate the production of amino acids that allow fungi to grow. Steyer's research has the potential to impact the development of fungicides as well as antifungal treatments.

Other Science on Tap dates this semester include March 20 and April 17.