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April 8, 2019

37th Annual Friends of Mathematics Lecture

Submitted by Reta McDermott

Tadashi Tokieda, Stanford University, will present the Thirty-Seventh Annual Friends of Mathematics Lecture titled “Applying Physics to Mathematics" as part of the Mathematics Department Colloquium Lecture series at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, April 11 in 1014 Throckmorton Hall.

The abstract for the lecture is:
Humans tend to be better at physics than at mathematics. When an apple falls from a tree, there are more people who can catch it—they know physically how the apples moves—than people who can compute its trajectory from a differential equation. Applying physical ideas to discover and prove mathematical results is therefore natural, even if it has seldom been tried in the history of science. (The exceptions include Archimedes, some old Russian sources, a recent book of Levi's, as well as my articles and lectures.) Several examples will be presented.

The Math Department is a part of K-State’s College of Arts and Sciences. To learn more about opportunities in Math at K-State, visit the math department website.