Co-curricular Experiences

General Guidelines

Many forms of campus participation have value, and we encourage UHP students to involve themselves in such activities. However, in the UHP curriculum we want to emphasize programs that are complementary to academic and scholarly development. Eligible experiences should require you to intentionally reference and integrate knowledge from your curriculum in an applied fashion and involve active accountability through supervision, mentorship, instruction, etc.

Thus, eligible co-curricular experiences do not include routine participation or leadership in campus clubs or “student life” activities.

  • Experiences should be propose through the Experiential Contract option in HAL prior to undertaking the experience.
  • One kind of experience may be repeated. For example, a student might satisfy the "Experience" requirement through three seasons of debate team participation, three undergraduate research experiences, etc.
  • An experience that is formally required by your declared major may only be counted as one of the three co-curricular experiences if an additional enrichment and/or intellectual product is approved.
  • If extracurricular leadership or service experiences are associated with a for-credit academic experience, students can explore the possibility of contracting that course for Honors credit.
  • This list will develop over time and can never be truly comprehensive. Students can propose (by contract) other experiences that are well thought out, meaningfully challenging, and contributory to their intellectual and academic development, pending approval by the appropriate College coordinator and the UHP staff. In such instances, the student should articulate a clear connection to his/her academic curriculum.