Curriculum Details

In addition to holding a 3.5+ GPA at the time of graduation, UHP students will be required to complete requirements in four distinct categories: a one-credit Honors First-Year Seminar course, four honors Courses, three Co-curricular Experiences, and an honors Project. Each requirement category is described in detail below.


  1. Courses by contract, experiences, and projects are proposed, approved, and monitored for completion through the Honors Administration Link, more commonly known as HAL.
  2. Approval should be obtained prior to starting the course or activity.
  3. You may not “double dip” by counting a course or activity in more than one category.
  4. If an activity such as an internship or capstone project is formally required by your major, that activity may only satisfy a UHP requirement if an additional enrichment and/or intellectual product is agreed upon and verified.

Requirements (by Category):

UHP students must complete the requirements specified in each of these four categories (in addition to earning a 3.5+ cumulative GPA). Click the purple arrow to read the details.

Have questions about the Honors requirements? Our Frequently Asked Questions are a good place to start.

Special note: students who matriculated (started taking K-State classes) and entered the UHP prior to January 2016 may continue to follow the previous curriculum. Those requirements are preserved for reference at UHP Requirements Prior to January 2016.

Honors Project Details

The Honors Project serves as the culminating experience for the University Honors Program and is an opportunity to both develop and showcase your growing skills as a scholar. As you plan to complete the honors project, refer to the guidelines and instructions below, and please don't hesitate to contact the UHP if you have additional questions.

Honors Project Guidelines

Step-by-step instructions for project approval

Some students elect to archive their projects in K-REx (K-State Research Exchange). It's a great place to view samples from a variety of majors.

Honors Projects in K-REx

Progress and Performance

Membership in the UHP confers certain benefits, and students must both make satisfactory progress toward completion of the UHP curriculum and uphold a high standard of academic performance in order to maintain membership in the UHP. The benchmarks for satisfactory progress and performance are fully detailed in the following link:

UHP Progress and Performance Policy

Transfer Students

We welcome honors transfer students! For details on our transfer policy, please refer to our transfer credit policy