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University Honors Program

Peer Mentoring Program

Making connections on campus plays a pivotal role in a student's success and happiness during their time at Kansas State. In order to allow students new to the University Honors program an opportunity to foster a relationship with an experienced student, we have developed a peer mentoring program that encourages academic success and extracurricular involvement. 

What is the Peer Mentoring Program? 

The Peer Mentoring Program pairs students within their first year of the UHP with sophomore, junior, or senior honor students. The older student serves as positive role-model and a campus resource, ideally having undertaken experiences, such as undergraduate research, study abroad, etc., that the new students are interested in pursuing. The pair will be encouraged to meet on a monthly basis at minimum, with possible activities including studying together and attending various athletic, cultural, or social events on campus, with the overarching goal to diversify the new student's experiences within their first year in the honors program.  

How to get involved? 

The University Honors Program accepts applications for mentors and mentees in the fall. Please check back soon for more details about the Peer Mentoring Program or reach out to us. If you are looking for other ways to get involved in the UHP, be watching the listserv emails for upcoming events and applications for other honors student groups, such as Honors Executive Board and Honors Ambassadors. If you have questions about your UHP experience, please email ksuhonors@ksu.edu or call our office at 785-532-2642 to make an appointment with our honors faculty.

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