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University Honors Program

Priority Enrollment

Current UHP students in good standing are permitted to enroll on the first day available for students in their class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), where class rank is determined by credit hours accumulated toward a K-State degree. For example, a UHP student in good standing who had earned 39 credit hours—30 at K-State and 9 from dual credits earned during high school--would have the opportunity to enroll after juniors and seniors but at the beginning of the sophomore class (alongside students who have completed 59 hours). UHP students enrolling at K-State for the first time do not receive priority enrollment during New Student Orientation and Enrollment, but freshman-only honors courses are usually available on those days.

The UHP encourages its students to be intellectually curious and bold in pursuit of knowledge. Priority enrollment is intended to help students put those aspirations into action. It allows them to more easily fulfill UHP requirements, undertake ambitious courses of study, and create the time/space for meaningful co-curricular engagement.