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University Honors Program

Course Contracting

UHP students are able to contract a non-honors course for honors credit. This allows a high degree of flexibility in the program as students are able to tailor the credit requirement of the program toward their interests. Additionally, the process of contracting a course teaches our students the valuable skill of “coaching up”: the ability to effectively communicate with one’s boss (or in this case one's professor).      

An honors contract is designed by incorporating honors elements into a regular, non-honors course or activity so that UHP students can earn honors credit. For courses, the honors contract is an individually planned modification of the course’s syllabus, usually including modifications of both the learning objectives and assignments. The specific design of an honors contract is created by the student and the instructor; the Director of the UHP can be used to facilitate this process. In the case of non-course activities (e.g., study abroad), a similar process must be followed in terms of completing the contract. The student, instructor, and college Honors representative must agree to the honors contract contents before the option is approved by the University Honors Program to meet the student’s honors requirements.

After a student discusses a potential contract with the instructor of the course they'd like to contract, they log into the student portal in HAL and complete the online form. Once this is done, the contract is examined and approved by the instructor, the honors coordinator for the student's college, and the UHP staff.