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FAQs - Enrollment

  1. What restrictions will students experience in the enrollment process?

    Total enrollment, including waitlisted classes, will be set at 21 hours per semester.  Students will be limited to enroll in only one class (section) of a course at the same time.
  1. How do students drop or add a class? 

    Students drop and add classes online in the KSIS Student Center. Instructions with screenshots are available on the Add a Class and the Drop a Class pages on the KSIS website
  1. How do students and faculty know which courses are offered online, on campus, or both? 

    The Class Search feature has several different search criteria available including the ability to search by Location (Manhattan, Salina, Manhattan DCE, or Salina DCE) and Mode of Instruction (In Person, Web, Telnet, Video, etc.)  These Class Details as well as the Class Meeting room are be available to view for each class.
  1. Can a student perform a class search in KSIS in advance of their enrollment timeslot?

    The class search function is available approximately one month prior to the enrollment opening day.
  1. Can a student waitlist a class if they have a conflict at that time?

    A student is allowed to add the class to their waitlist. However, they will not get off the waitlist until the time conflict is resolved.
  1. How are the student and advisor informed if the student is automatically enrolled from the waitlist?

    The student is notified via e-mail of the automated enrollment; the advisor will need to manually check the student's schedule if desired.