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FAQs - Curriculum Management

  1. How do I schedule technology classrooms for classes? 

    If your course was scheduled in a technology classroom in the same term of the previous year and did not change the days, times or dates, courses are usually scheduled in the same rooms (this is providing that the capacity did not drastically change). If the days, times or dates have been changed, courses will be reassigned to different rooms, (if one is available). Contact your department/college administrative office to schedule a new class in a technology classroom.
  1. What is reserved capacity?

    Reserved capacity for particular class offerings may be used to automate the reserving of seats for particular groups of students.  For example, a number of seats for a class may established to be reserved for seniors, majors, or some other category so only the students meeting the established criteria are allowed to use those particular seats, if available, in the class even if the class has met capacity for nonreserved seats.