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FAQs - Course/Class Prerequisites

  1. There are instances when a prerequisite needs to be over-ridden to provide appropriate student service. At what level of administration will this override authority be granted?

    Faculty may grant permission to override a requisite by signing a Permission Form and delivering it to the Faculty member's department office, where it is to be entered into KSIS, provided that the class capacity is not exceeded by the enrollment of the student. Permissions do NOT override time conflicts, excess load or class links (i.e. lab-lecture associated sections). If permission has been granted but these conflicts exist, or if permission is given by the faculty member to override any of these conflicts, the student must go to the Dean's Office to process the enrollment through the 21st calendar day of the semester. After that, overrides are handled by Enrollment Services.
  1. If a student is currently taking a course that is a prerequisite for a course that the student is enrolling in for the next term (semester), is the current enrolled course recognized as a prerequisite?  What happens if the student fails the current course?

    Current enrollments are considered as having been completed satisfactorily when a student enrolls for a subsequent term, so yes, the student is able to enroll in the next course.  However, if the student then fails that current term prerequisite course, KSIS has no provisions for automatically dropping the class from the student’s schedule.  Reports from KSIS will be available to monitor these situations and allow for manual intervention as necessary.
  1. What if the student took the prerequisite at another institution?

    This course information is entered in KSIS from the official transcript from the other institution so KSIS should recognize the completion of the prerequisite course. In addition, the college must have determined and entered the transfer equivalency information for that course from the other institution.