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FAQs - Class Rosters

  1. What is the difference between class rosters in KSIS and in Canvas? 

    The KSIS class roster includes only those students who are officially enrolled in the class, have waitlisted for the class, or have dropped.  The Canvas roster contains the same students. However, Canvas also allows faculty to manually add students and assistants to the roster.  The Canvas roster and associated tools are more robust than KSIS.  However, for faculty not using Canvas, the KSIS roster is a simple method to use.
  1. Is the SSN still used as the Student ID on class rosters?

    No.  The Wildcat ID # (or WID), which is found on all student and employee Wildcat ID cards, is used as the student identifying number on class rosters.
  1. Does KSIS include photographs of students as there are in Canvas?

    Not at this time.
  1. How can faculty or staff view a class roster from semesters prior to Fall 2008?

    Class rosters prior to Fall 2008 are available on paper from the Registrar's Office.
  1. How do I know whether a student is taking the class as part of a graduate or undergraduate program or whether a student is enrolled as both a graduate and undergraduate student?

    Each student’s program and plan, which includes an identifier of graduate or undergraduate, is listed on your roster.  For example, “BA Undergraduate Degree - Mgmt Information Systems-B”, is listed in the Program and Plan column.  When a student enrolls, he or she selects the “Career” of Graduate or Undergraduate for which the class is being enrolled under. 
  1. In the KSIS class roster, does the “notify listed students” select all?

    Yes, it selects all students currently showing on the Class Roster for an e-mail notification.  This e-mail is then sent from within KSIS and does not use a separate e-mail client.
  1. How often are class rosters updated in KSIS?

    Class rosters update real time as students add and drop classes.
  1. How does KSIS handle the dropping of students for no-shows the first day of classes per the University's Attendance Policy (registrar)?

    Faculty should send to the Enrollment Services Office, 118 Anderson Hall (or to K-State Salina Registrar's Office, 20G College Center) a copy of the KSIS class roster with the appropriate names of the students crossed out who should be dropped as no-shows the first day of classes.