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FAQs - About KSIS

  1. What is KSIS?

    KSIS is the name of K-State's student information system.  It is based on a commercial product licensed by K-State and many other institutions: Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system.  KSIS is continually modified and enhanced to meet K-State's unique needs.

  2. Who manages KSIS? 

    The KSIS Product Manager is the primary point-of-contact for KSIS and works with key user groups (students, faculty, advisors, and administrative staff) to identify, coordinate, and communicate major system enhancements.  The "Contact Us" tab in the left menu provides a comprehensive list of contacts for KSIS.

  3. Where can I find a list of major events related to KSIS?

    The Registrar's Office maintains a monthly electronic calendar of key academic events related to KSIS: http://www.k-state.edu/registrar/deadlines/.

  4. What is K-State Online and DARS and how do they work with KSIS?

    K-State Online is K-State's learning/course management system that provides a wide variety of tools for faculty and instructors to facilitate online instruction and collaboration.  DARS is the Degree Audit Reporting System and provides students and their advisors with transcript analysis for monitoring student academic progress.  Integration between KSIS, K-State Online, and DARS enable students, faculty, advisors, and staff to perform certain tasks more easily.  Here are a couple of examples:

    - Students and advisors can run a DARS report from within KSIS
    - Faculty can copy final semester grades from K-State Online to KSIS