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K-State First Book (KSFB)

Committee Members

KSBN is comprised of students, staffs, administrators, and faculty from K-State. 

Steering Subcommittee

This subcommittee provides strategic oversight of the program.

Tara Coleman
K-State Libraries

Matthew Kerns
Housing & Dining

Emily Lehning
New Student Services

Gregory Eiselein
K-State First

Shawna Jordan
Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Don Saucier
Department of Psychological Sciences

Karin Westman
Department of English

2018 PR/Events Subcommittee

This subcommittee helps to plan common book events for The Hate U Give.

Tara Coleman
K-State Libraries

Kevin Cook
Housing and Dining

Ben Hopper

Randy Myles
KSU Police Department

Bryan Samuel
Presidents Office

Jennifer Tidball
Division of Communications and Marketing

Karin Westman
Department of English

Mariya Vaughan
K-State First

2019 Book Selection Subcommittee

This subcommittee reviews book nominations and selects the common book.  This committee is currently being formed. If you are interested in joining the committee, fill out our interest survey and tell us about yourself.

Patricia Ackerman
Wendy Barnes
Sarah Barr
Sarah Barrett
Maria Beebe
Jana Buehler
Kimberlie Bugbee
Shelby Carpenter
Christopher Culbertson
Rebecca Dale
Crystal Danker
Macy Davis
Jean DeDonder
Claire Duke
Jed Dunham
Hannah Ens
Krista Everhart
Fatoumata Faburay
William Genereux

Lori Goodson
Kristopher Grinter
Breanna Hardy
Amanda Hoelting
Cara Hopkins
Jessica Jones
Katherine Jones
Shawna Jordan
Jodi Kaus
Stephanie Kiersey
Melissa King
Hannah Konrad
Linda Lamb
Cade Losey
Melinda Markham
Amanda McDiffett
Stephanie McDowell
Stephanie Milberger
Laurel Moody

Suzanne Porath
Elva Quinones
Rachel Robillard
Julie Rowe
Madison Sawyer
Heidi Schneider
Caroline Skov
Mackenzie Sleigh
Ngainunmawi Sonna
Jennifer Tidball
Mariya Vaughan
Danna Voegeli
Brent Weaver
Sarah Werner
Paulicia Williams
Emeryld Wills
Natalie Wolf
Stefan Yates
RJ Youngblood