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K-State First Book (KSFB)

Selection Criteria

The book selection committee created a list of criteria, or things to consider, based on the recommendations found in the book Common Reading Programs: Going Beyond the Book. While no one book will have all of these qualities, we asked people to consider:

  1. Theme: Does the book fit the theme selected for the year?

  2. Student Learning Outcomes: Does the book address the outcomes?  

  3. Feasibility: Is the book a reasonable length (<400 pages)? Will it be in paperback by May?

  4. Relevance: Are the characters and themes relevant to the K-State community and students, particularly as they transition from high school to college?

  5. Integration: Could the book be used across disciplines (English, Leadership Studies, Biology, etc.) and campus programs (Residence Life, etc.)?

  6. Programming: Does the book allow for engaging programs that will help us explore the text? Examples: Movies on the Grass, lectures, partnerships with academic units, etc.

  7. Readability:  Could students read this with relatively little guidance over the summer?  Does it keep their attention until the end of the book? Does it appeal to a wide audience? 

  8. Author Availability: Is the author available to visit campus?

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