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Ensuring academic continuity during a campus disruption

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread disruption, and many campuses have changed how they will deliver their educational services at this time, such as by replacing their face-to-face classes with online course delivery. This may or may not be possible for all instructors or all courses here at K-State.  Some advance planning for how we would deliver our classes remotely may be valuable for proceeding through the coming days and weeks. Our purpose is to aid in that planning.

Changing how we deliver our courses may take many of us out of our comfort zones. It may cause us to prioritize certain course objectives and assignments. It may cause us to consider different ways to assess our students’ learning. It may take more time and effort than we anticipated. The information we provide will connect you to resources, and people, here at K-State to help you continue to teach during a possible disruption.

The resources on this website, including more information about tools such as K-State Canvas, Zoom, Mediasite, and Office 365, will offer ideas and strategies for how to engage students in quality remote learning experiences with minimal preparations. This will help you plan efficient ways to keep teaching your courses during an impending disruption.

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