Behavioral Health Preparedness, Response, and Recovery in Kansas: Keeping People Connected in Times of Crisis

The Kansas All-Hazards Behavioral Health Program (KAHBH) is a program that is funded by a contract between the Kansas State University School of Family Studies and Human Services, the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Mental Health (SRS), and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The KAHBH Program is responsible for the following core tasks:

  1. To develop a compendium of resources for use at community and regional levels, to meet the peri- and post-event psychosocial needs of victims, at-risk individuals, family members, and emergency first responders.
  2. Assist hospital and public health regions by identifying key behavioral health professionals in the State who can assist these regions in developing behavioral health components of their plans.
  3. To assist SRS in the development of an All-Hazards Behavioral Health Plan/Annex (which will serve as the SRS Behavioral Health ANNEX /Appendix to the Kansas Emergency Operations Plan).
  4. To work with SRS Mental Health to identify the minimum behavioral health training competencies, to develop a curriculum, and to provide the training and refresher courses for health care professionals and community leaders responding to a Presidentially declared disaster or other public health emergencies.
  5. To develop a system for SRS Mental Health to identify and track the number of health professionals and community leaders trained in the recognition, outreach, treatment and referral of patients exhibiting behavioral health consequences related to a Presidentially declared disaster and other public health emergencies.
  6. To include the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) in behavioral health preparedness networks and work groups overseeing the All-Hazards Behavioral Health Plan development and implementation, and work with KDHE to ensure that regional hospital preparedness plans are integrated with this plan
  7. To work with SRS Mental Health to design a process to make application, to coordinate community outreach services, and to provide on-site program management for the FEMA/SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services Immediate Services Program and Regular Services Program in the event of a Presidentially declared disaster.


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