Since May 7, 2007, the KAHBH Program has been responding to the May 4th tornado in Kiowa County and the surrounding areas. Crisis counseling and outreach support teams have been providing services to residents and responders in Greensburg, Haviland, Mullinville, Bucklin, and in the rural areas of Kiowa, Edwards, Pratt and Stafford Counties. Currently, the KAHBH Teams are located at the Greensburg Courthouse.

If you are a resident or responder affected by the tornado or your work in the affected area and need assistance, please contact KAHBH at:

  • State Crisis Counseling Program Hotline 1-800-575-2038
  • 785-313-6355


If you would like to find out more about becoming a KAHBH responder and working in the Greensburg area, you may access the KAHBH Training below. All KAHBH responders must complete this FEMA/SAMHSA based training, which is available online.



KAHBH Greensburg Response