All KAHBH team participants will complete a Core All-Hazards Behavioral Health Training (“core training”). The Core Training will provide all participants, both mental health professionals and paraprofessionals, with background information related to all-hazards behavioral health and specific information unique to their roles and functions in all-hazards behavioral health response.

The core training was developed by the KAHBH Team in 2005 and was based on a thorough review of disaster mental health literature and national resources. The information in our trainings follows the FEMA/SAMSHA CMHS Crisis Counseling Program as the primary model. The information contained in the Core Training is considered to be the “national standard” of knowledge in the field, based on the pool of information gathered by the team. The core training has been continuously reviewed and updated, in order to continue to provide current and relevant information.

The following outline describes the information provided in the KAHBH Core Training:

  • DAY 1 (approx. 8 hours)
    • For ALL KAHBH Network Members
      • Module 1: An Overview of the Kansas All- Hazards Behavioral Health (KAHBH) Program
      • Module 2:  The FEMA/SAMHSA Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program & the All-Hazards Response System
      • Module 3: Disaster Classifications and Phases
      • Module 4: Traumatic Reactions to Disasters
      • Module 5: Providing Support During Disasters
      • Module 6: KAHBH Community Outreach Teams:  Structure, Procedures, and Documents
      • Module 7:  Considerations for Special Populations, Cultural Competence, and Ethical Issues

    Since December 2005, the KAHBH Team has provided a total of nine trainings around Kansas. In the Fall 2006, the Core Training will be available in an 8-hour on-line version through KS-TRAIN.



Core Trainings