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Q: What is a K-State eID?

A: All K-State employees, students and those needing access to university computing systems are required to have an eID. Additionally, undergraduate students applying for admission must have an eID to submit an application.

Your eID is your K-State user name and is used to access saved applications, enroll in classes, accept financial aid, sign in to K-State e-mail, view online paychecks, access student financial records, and much more. You must be 13 or older to register.

With your eID you can also manage your eProfile to change your password, turn email forwarding on, sign up for K-State Alerts emergency text messages and phone calls, and more.

Q: How do I register for an eID?

A: New K-Staters must register for an eID through eProfile. If you already have an eID you should not register for another one. If you are unsure whether you have an eID or want to change or reactivate an old eID, please contact the IT Help Desk. For more information see: Register for an eID.

Those applying for undergraduate admission will register for an eID during the application process. If you were previously a student and want to re-apply as an undergraduate, please do not register for a new eID. Instead, contact the IT Help Desk to have your old eID reactivated.

Parents, guardians and others needing access to their student's financial records through Designated Access must have an eID. If the designee doesn't already have an eID, the designee can register now or wait to register until their student requests that they have access.

Q: How do I choose my eID?

  • A: Your eID must be 3-20 characters long, with letters from "a-z" and/or numerals from "0-9", and no special characters such as @ or ^. The first character must be a letter of the alphabet. Please note that eIDs were previously limited to a maximum of 8 characters.

  • Choose carefully. Your eID becomes part of your K-State email address (eID@k-state.edu). It will be seen by your instructors, future employers, and others.

  • If the eID you want is already taken, choose another one. eID assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: Can I change my eID?

A: Yes, anytime you want. There is a $50 fee for each eID change. When your eID is changed, your old eID becomes an alias that points to your new eID. This causes email sent to your old address to be forwarded to your new address. You will need to submit an eID change form, which is available at the IT Help Desk

Note: The $50 fee can be waived if any of the following criteria are met:

  • You legally changed your name after July 1, 2006 and your current eID is based on your old legal name. Verification of legal name changes for faculty and staff are done through Human Resources and personnel records. Verification of legal name changes for students are done through the K-State ID Center.

  • If you are a former student who is now an employee and had a license plate eID (initials and 4 numbers, for example 'abc1234'). However, if you chose your eID as a student and are coming back as an employee, the fee will not be waived. License plate eIDs were assigned to all students who attended K-State prior to the spring 2003 semester.

Q: I forgot my eID. What do I do??

A: Contact the IT Help Desk if you forgot your eID.

Do not register for a new eID.

If you are again affiliated with K-State through employment or student status, you should reactivate your old eID by contacting the IT Help Desk and changing your old eID password. Do not register for a new eID.

Q: I'm a new employee and I registered for my eID. Why I don't have access to email or other resources?

A: New employees whose information is not yet available in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and need access to K-State email and other university resources should contact their department's personnel specialist. Your personnel specialist will need to grant you preliminary privileges.

If you registered for an eID before you became an employee, you will need to first verify your eID through eProfile instead of registering for a new one. If you do not have immediate access to email or other resources after verifying, please contact your department's personnel specialist. For more information see: Verify your eID.

Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Q: What happens if I leave and don't copy my files and email?

A: Once you are no longer enrolled at, employed by, or associated with K-State, you will be notified via your K-State email address that access to your K-State email and other resources is going to be removed. You then have about two weeks to make any copies needed.

Once your access has been removed, there is a $50 fee for one week of access to copy any data you forgot. Contact the IT Help Desk to request access to your data.

After you've been gone from K-State for 180 days, all files and email associated with your eID are destroyed and removed from the central backup systems.

Q: How often do I have to change my eID password?

A: Most eID passwords must be changed every 180 days. See eiD password FAQs for details.

Q: Where is my eID and password stored, and is it secure?

A: Your eID and password are stored in KEAS, a secure directory service that is managed by the Office of Mediated Education. Your eID only is visible in the K-State People Directory (unless you've specified otherwise) because it is the address for your K-State email. The People Directory is the online searchable database of K-State faculty, staff, and students. You can search the People Directory from the Search website or by entering search criteria in any 'Search K-State' box on the K-State website. Your People Directory display settings can be updated at any time through eProfile.