SPSS Licenses

K-State has an SPSS license program for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. Departments and faculty/staff can lease SPSS through this license. There are two types of licenses, one for Teaching and Research (T&R) and another license for administrative use. The annual SPSS package includes these products:

  • Statistics Base
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Regression Models
  • Custom Tables

The annual fee for each University-owned computer is $250, covering the period December 1 – November 30. The fee is prorated for orders placed after April 1 and again after August 1. Non-commercial home use is now included as a free benefit.

Students may access SPSS at no charge using the license request form link below or access SPSS through the university computing labs.

SPSS Add-ons

AMOS and other SPSS add-ons are available for purchase. Contact spssadmin@ksu.edu for more information and to request a quote.

Request a License

To request a license, submit a completed Software and Applications Distribution Form.

Upon receipt of the completed request form, an invoice will be emailed to the person designated on the request form. Payment is made to the Division of Information Technology. Within seven days of receipt of payment (KSU Interfund Voucher or KSU Foundation check), the licensee will receive an email with instructions on how to access this software via a mapped network drive.

Home Use

Non-commercial home use is now included as a free benefit.

Annual Renewal Cycle

K-State renews our SPSS site license annually. Each year in November, the Division of Information Technology will send departments a renewal invoice. Upon receipt of the payment, the licensee will be sent a license-extension password. The important dates are as follows:

Date Explanation
Nov. 30 Expiration date for the agreement between K-State and SPSS.
Nov. 30 Expiration date for agreements between K-State and students, faculty, staff who have licensed SPSS.
Dec. 31 Date that the software starts warning if expired. SPSS programs continue to run normally, but they will produce a warning message.
Jan. 31 SPSS stops running unless the renewal invoice has been paid.

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